Turn your events into business

Conferize is a bespoke platform for B2B events, seminars and conferences. To connect people, generate impact and drive business. And to make event organizer’s life easier.

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Used by organizers worldwide.

Create better events. Faster

Connect with your target group

Bespoke platform for seminars, conferences and meetups where people convene around a professional interest, a passion or a higher goal.

Turn your events into business

Most events fail to deliver long term value to your business. Conferize is designed to tie your events into your overall business goals.

Keep the buzz going

Your audience is not attendees that show up, sit down, listen and go home. It’s people. With something on their mind. Use Conferize to engage.

Run your event like a pro

Make your event stand out with a beautiful website, smooth registration, simple attendee CRM and email marketing.

Build your community

Keep attendees engaged before, during and after the event to drive more interest, more events and more business.

Do better, do more. With less

As your event ambitions grow so does Conferize. Save time with features built to increase the value of your event.

Increase the ROI of human connection

Nothing beats face to face. But far too many events fail to boost the true value of human connection. Conferize is the event platform to change that.

Boost your event performance

A simple & efficient tool for better workshops, seminars & reoccurring events

Simple & fair pricing

Used by organizers world wide.
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