Take the hassle out of running online & on-site events. And get the results you look for

Conferize is a bespoke platform for B2B companies doing virtual and/or in-person events - to connect & engage people, demonstrate thought leadership and drive business. And to make the event organizer’s life so much easier.

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Used by companies worldwide

One platform. Everything you need to create better B2B events. Faster.

Tired of managing different tools?

We cover all your event needs. Create your event-website, manage the program, keep track of people & registrations, send emails, engage before, during & after the event. And so much more.

Taking your events online these days?

Run webinars, online-sessions or entire e-events with several tracks from your own branded event-website. Bring your events on-site when the world is ready and combine in-person & online.

Work like an event-pro. No stress

We guide you step-by-step and provide ‘ready-to-use-and-edit’ templates for website, emails, etc. Reuse and edit your work to create more events. Faster.

Your own event CRM. Built in

Manage people related to your events with easy in/export. Create tags to segment people, collect leads via a signup form, keep track of registrations and number of events every person has attended.

Connect & engage people

Attending an event - whether it is online or on-site - is about more than listening to a speaker. Conferize provides state-of-the art features to engage before, during & after the event.

We are here to help. Reach out

No insistent salespeople, just experienced event experts and designers eager to help you succeed. Fair & transparent pricing & 14 days free trial. Use the messenger to ask for a demo or help.

Focus on B2B. Generate leads, grow your community, increase revenue

The majority of B2B events are stand-alone happenings not delivering sufficient commercial value. Taking your events online makes the challenge even bigger. Unlike other platforms, Conferize entirely focus on B2B companies with features to drive impact and generate business leads.

Boost your event performance

One platform. Everything you need to create better B2B online & on-site events. Faster.

Simple & fair pricing

Used by organizers world wide.
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