The most complete platform for B2B online & on-site events

You need more than a simple webinar or event tool if your goal is to attract, nurture and grow your base of potential customers. Welcome to Conferize. The #1 platform for B2B online & on-site events.

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A complete platform for your events - combined with a totally new take on events.

Time to rethink

A topic, a speaker, a presentation. It is time to think outside the box and enhance your event experience - whether you run in-person, online or hybrid events.

Virtual events require more

You talk to a camera. You might not have the audience’s attention. Interaction is limited. Real-time engagement is dubious. Networking impossible. Unless you create a new type of event experience.

Moment of truth

Climax is not created when your event goes live. You need to embrace ‘before’ and ‘after’ the event. Engage and involve people pre- & post-event. Create a new coherent and powerful event experience.

Talking to a stranger?

Connect with your audience. Relevance is key to success. Get the individual insights you need, know who is present, improve relevance and consider reaching out on a one-on-one level.

Networking. Virtually.

People attend events to grow their network. But in-person networking is slow, random, and limited. Bring it online. Show your guestlist, let people mingle and connect before, during or after the event.

Your new 24/7 venue

Your event website should be more than just a sales tool. It is your 24/7 online venue. Let the event start here – go live from here – and let it lead to follow up actions and business.

Focus on B2B. Generate leads, grow your community, increase revenue

The majority of B2B events are stand-alone happenings not delivering sufficient commercial value. Taking your events online makes the challenge even bigger. Unlike other platforms, Conferize entirely focus on B2B companies with features to drive impact and generate business leads.

Boost your event performance

One platform. Everything you need to create better B2B online & on-site events. Faster.

Simple & fair pricing

Used by organizers worldwide.
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