2-day In-person Seminar EU Legislation for Cosmetics: Cosmetic Products Regulation and REACH

The specific provisions of REACH applying to manufacturers of ingredients and those of concern for the manufactures of cosmetic products will be elaborated.

24-25 Apr 2014 at Paris, Paris, France

Medical & Health Care, Education & Learning

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2-day In-person Seminar EU Legislation for Cosmetics: Cosmetic Products Regulation and REACH


The seminar will give an overview of the provisions of both frameworks and will detail the interfaces between as defined and expressed in the legal texts and further official interpretations thereto. The specific provisions of REACH applying to manufacturers of ingredients and those of concern for the manufactures of cosmetic products will be elaborated. Vice versa, the provisions of the CPR with specific concern to the manufactures of cosmetic ingredients will be presented. Special attention will be drawn to the difference in challenges resulting from the legal provisions for importers in relation to manufacturers located within the European Union.
Why you should attend:
The European Union's single market allows products to be moved around the 28 Member States as freely as it happens within one country. This is achieved on the basis of central EU legislation in force for the various industry sectors. In this context, the worldwide manufacturers of cosmetics doing business in Europe have to mainly cope with two European Union's regulatory framework, the Cosmetic Product Regulation (CPR) and the Chemicals Regulation REACH.
Both frameworks are fairly new or newly re-casted pieces of legislation putting in place demanding provisions for those seeking compliance and these as such are facing extensive challenges. Affected are similarly EU and non-EU manufactures worldwide doing business in the world's largest cosmetic market. The situation for non-European manufacturers of both, products and ingredients, is aggravated, due to a sometimes existing distance in legislative culture and most often being in supply chains with partners that are not involved with Europe, etc. Therefore, specific efforts are required from non-EU companies to meet the compliance obligations.
Since the implementation of the animal testing ban in March 2013, new difficulties arose between the phasing out of animal tests as a result from the Cosmetic Products Regulation and meeting the registration requirements of REACH. Manufacturers are finding themselves in an extremely complicated regulatory and scientific environment for meeting the compliance needs. Existing question are surrounding the assurance of the safety for the ingredients and for the cosmetics products in use of consumers.
Who Will Benefit:
• Members of the Cosmetic Products industries worldwide
• Members of the Cosmetic Ingredient industries worldwide
• Business owners
• Managers in manufacturing and customer service
• New staff in manufacturing
• Quality Assurance
• Administrative managers in charge of operations
• Regulatory Compliance Associates and Managers

Course Outline:

Day 1 – Agenda
Session 1 & 2: The legislative authority of the European Union
Session 3 & 4: Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 - The Cosmetics Product Regulation(CPR) - A synoptic Overview
Session 5 & 6: Outstanding Chapters of the CPR - The PIF and the Cosmetic Product Safety Report
Session 7 & 8: Outstanding Chapters of the CPR - Notification, Market Surveillance, Substance Regulations
Q & A

Day 2 – Agenda
Session 1 & 2: Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 - Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) - An Overview
Session 3 & 4: REACH and its implications for cosmetic ingredient manufacturers worldwide
Session 5 & 6: REACH & CPR - Implications from the Animal Testing Ban
Session 7 & 8: Regulatory compliance as a tool to improved performance
Q & A

About Speaker:
Dr. Annelie Struessmann
Technical Director, CONUSBAT

Dr. Annelie Struessmann is Technical & Regulatory Director with CONUSBAT, a provider of internationalization services for the Fine Chemicals, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries: www.conusbat.com. In 2003, she joined the firm and, based on many years of experience gained while working with the international industry, she established the service area for regulatory affairs. Focusing on the European regulatory frameworks for cosmetic products and for chemicals (REACH), she is servicing industry clients in providing compliance strategies, safety assessments, registrations, notifications, direct representations, etc. Also, she publishes with various recognized journals in her area of expertise and provides workshops on a worldwide scale, as well as e-trainings.

Steven L. Hanft
Founder & President, CONUSBAT

Steven L. Hanft was co-organizer and moderator for the in-cosmetics Paris 2010 & Milan 2011 regulatory workshops and has this role also for the 2013 event in Paris. All workshops were chaired & managed by Dr. Annelie Struessmann, Regulatory Director, CONUSBAT.
Born & raised in NYC, Steven established his firm, CONUSBAT, in Aachen, Germany (1995). CONUSBAT is a regulatory affairs service provider, which focuses on chemicals legislation and the EU/global frameworks for cosmetics, personal-/consumer health care and household products. As president of CONUSBAT, Steven is responsible for business development.

Location: Paris, France | April 24th & 25th, 2014
Price: $1,395.00 (Seminar for One Delegate)
Register now and save $200. (Early Bird)
Until March 20, Early Bird Price: $1,395.00
from March 21 and April 22, Regular Price: $1,595.00

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Paris, Paris, France


Medical & Health Care, Education & Learning


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