2014 2nd International Conference on Advanced technology and computer (ICATC 2014)


Technology, Computer Science

2014 2nd International Conference on Advanced technology and computer (ICATC 2014) 16-18 Oct 2014 Taipei City, Taiwan
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2014 2nd International Conference on Advanced technology and computer (ICATC 2014) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan during October 16-18, 2014. The aim objective of ICATC 2014 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Advanced Technolgoy and Computer Science . This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

ICATC 2014 will be published into the conference proceeding.ICACT 2014 is organized to address various issues to prosper the creation of intelligent solutions in future. The aim is to bring together worldwide leading researchers, developers, practitioners and educators interested in advanced technology and Computer Science for exchanging knowledge that encompasses a broad range of disciplines among various distinct communities. It is expected that researchers will bring new prospect for collaboration across disciplines and gain idea facilitating novel breakthrough. The theme for this conference is Innovating and Inspiring the researchers to adopt the outcome for implementation.

The main topics of interest for this track include but will not be limited to the following:

Algorithms Artificial Intelligence(算法人工智能)

Automated Software Engineering Bio-informatics(自动化软件工程生物信息学)

Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing Biomedical Engineering(生物信息学和生物医学工程科学计算)

Compilers and Interpreters Computational Intelligence(编译器和解释计算智能)

Computer Animation Computer Architecture & VLSI(电脑动画计算机体系结构及VLSI)

Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems Computer Based Education(计算机体系结构和嵌入式系统基于计算机的教育)

Computer Games Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality(电脑游戏计算机图形学与虚拟现实)

Computer Graphics and Multimedia Computer Modeling(计算机图形和多媒体计算机建模)

Computer Networks Computer Networks and Data Communication(计算机网络计算机网络与数据通信)

Computer Security Computer Simulation(计算机安全计算机模拟)

Computer Vision Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing(计算机视觉计算机辅助设计/制造)

Computing Ethics Computing Practices & Applications(计算的伦理学计算方法与应用)

Control Systems Data Communications(控制系统的数据通信)

Data Compression Data Encryption(数据压缩数据加密)

Data Mining Database Systems(数据挖掘数据库系统)

Digital Library Digital Signal and Image Processing(数字图书馆的数字信号与图像处理)

Digital System and Logic Design Distributed and Parallel Processing(数字系统与逻辑设计分布式和并行处理)

Distributed Systems E-commerce and E-governance(分布式系统的电子商务和电子政务)

Event Driven Programming Expert Systems(事件驱动编程专家系统)

High Performance Computing Human Computer Interaction(高性能计算人机交互)

Image Processing Information Retrieval(图像处理信息检索)

Information Systems Internet and Web Applications(信息系统网络和Web应用程序)

Knowledge Data Engineering Mobile Computing(移动计算知识数据工程)

Multimedia Applications Natural Language Processing(多媒体应用自然语言处理)

Neural Networks Parallel and Distributed Computing(神经网络并行与分布式计算)

Pattern Recognition Performance Evaluation(模式识别绩效评估)

Programming Languages Reconfigurable Computing Systems(编程语言可重构计算系统)

Robotics and Automation Security & Cryptography(机器人与自动化安全和加密)

Software Engineering & CASE System Security(软件工程,CASE系统安全)

Technology in Education Technology Management(教育技术管理技术)

Theoretical Computer Science Ubiquitous Computing(理论计算机科学普适计算)

Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing(无线传感器网络无线通讯和移动计算)

Multimedia signal processing(多媒体信号处理)

Design & implementation of signal processing systems(设计与实现的信号处理系统)

Signal processing for communications & networking(信号处理与网络)

Bio-imaging and signal processing(能与信号处理)

From: October 16, 2014 00:00
To: October 18, 2014 23:59

Taipei City, Taiwan


Technology, Computer Science

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