2014 International Conference of Culture & Creativity

The 2014 International Conference of Culture & Creativity talks about cultural wisdom and positive creativity from multidisciplinary perspectives.

1-5 Dec 2014 at Tainan City, Taiwan


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We would like to invite you to Taiwan for the 2014 International Conference of Culture and Creativity (ICCC 2014) from 1-5 December 2014. ICCC 2014 will bring together academics, industry practitioners, and government who are the primary stakeholders of cultural and creative industries development.

The conference activities will start in Tainan, the oldest city that played an important role in the development of Taiwan's history where cultural traditions, like celebration parades of Temple Gods, continue to live on side-by-side with present-day modernity. Discover Tainan's old alleys, Dutch-built forts, and the hustling-bustling night markets under the warm winter of Tainan.

Selected papers of the conference will be recommended for publications in the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries.

Conference website: https://sites.google.com/site/iccc2014taiwan/home
For inquiries: ijcci.submission@gmail.com

Key dates:

Submission deadline: 15 April 2014 (abstract proposal of 800 words)
Notification of abstract acceptance: 15 May 2014

Theme: Cultural Wisdom and Positive Creativity

CULTURAL WISDOM: Culture is the accumulation of ways of thinking and doing things – life wisdom – that is passed from generations to generations in intangible forms such as values, ethics, and social norms and formulated into tangible forms such as arts, music, clothing, celebrations, festivals, culinary, and many more. Regardless the shapes and forms of its carriers, culture is the result of humanity’s responses to the external forces, which have been selectively filtered, internalized, and accumulated into the current best design of living for the society it belongs to.

Submissions under the theme of “Cultural Wisdom” will talk about the following topics, but not limited to:

- Works in cultural industries
- Institutional design of society
- Cultural cities
- Public service and policies in cultural and creative industries
- Contemporary thoughts with culture as its core
- Forms of positive cultural enforcement
- Methods of wisdom transferring which stem from what have been learned by the generations before and passed to the next with the sole objective of promoting human’s civilization.

POSITIVE CREATIVITY: Looking at the process of creativity, instead of seeing innovation as a reaction to solving a problem (reactivity to negativity), “Positive Creativity” is proposed as a way of seeing innovation as a proactive mean of promoting a better life without being preceded by problems at the first place. The best work of human’s creativity comes from thinking beyond boundaries and achieving further than expectations, providing different perspectives to the existing beliefs and systems. Great works are often inspired by the existing surroundings, combination of the odds, the minds of many, improvements of previous works, among others which result in works that will inspire the next great works.

Submissions under the theme of “Positive Creativity” will talk about the following topics, but not limited to:
- Co-creation process
- Cross disciplinary collaborations
- Creativity and its relationship to culture
- Creativity education
- Creative cities
- The process of innovation in creative works
- Works in the creative industries
- Papers that illustrate the triggers, process, and results of creative productions.

Submissions of other topics for consideration is also welcome and we encourage sessions within and across a variety of related disciplines and fields.

Submission tracks:

(1) Academic Research: manuscripts focusing on theoretical development and empirical research in cultural and creative industries

(2) Industry Insight: case studies portraying the industry know-how and current practice in cultural and creative industries

(3) Glocal Perspective: local decisions, policies, actions that can provide enlightenment to the global development of cultural and creative industries

Evaluation criteria: novelty, clarity, and potential impact to cultural and creative industries.

From: December 01, 2014 09:00
To: December 05, 2014 19:00

Tainan City, Taiwan