2014 tranSMART Foundation Annual Meeting

Open source translational medicine platform

Medical & Health Care, Management

2014 tranSMART Foundation Annual Meeting 14-16 Oct 2014 Michigan League, Ann Arbor, United States
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The 2014 tranSMART Foundation Annual Meeting is being held on October 14-16th, 2014, on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor MI.

This is the 2014 tranSMART FoundationAnnual Meeting. The meeting is open to all. The community will come together to present their research efforts on drug discovery, the development of diagnostic procedures and the identification of biomarkers as they begin to realize the promise of translational medicine.

Part of the Meeting will focus on the development of the tranSMART Platform v1.2. These open source tools are used in a wide array of diseases and medical areas of interest in the study of human health.

The Meeting will conclude with discussions around future uses and extensions of the Platform and the ongoing needs of the expanding tranSMART community.