3rd Annual ADM Defence Support Services Summit

The procurement of non-military equipment and infrastructure will continue to become increasingly prevalent in supporting the personnel and operational...

10-11 Sep 2014 at Hotel Realm, Barton, Australia

Defense, Government

3rd Annual ADM Defence Support Services Summit 10-11 Sep 2014 Hotel Realm, Barton, Australia
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In the wake of increased international defence spending, hostile territorial disputes and an overall shift in the balance of power in the Asia Pacific region comes a need for a united Australian Defence Force and an aligned, cooperative and consultative defence/industry partnership. The procurement of non-military equipment and infrastructure will continue to become increasingly prevalent in supporting the personnel and operational requirements of our defence forces. With the nature of the combat environment being highly changeable and notoriously unpredictable, it is essential to have a dynamic and accommodating support strategy and risk mitigation plan in place in order to facilitate optimum performance and operational efficiency on the front line.Themes;Leveraging constructive partnerships for optimised defence support'government policyCurrent legislationNon-materiel procurementDefence/industry engagement in building a long term strategic outlook for defence support in Australia.As the ADF continues to become an increasingly mobile organisation, the provision of a dynamic and flexible housing estate and strategy to accommodate ADF personnel and their families is essential to maintaining operational efficiency. This support service is currently co-ordinated by the government owned Defence Housing Authority (DHA) with whom this summit has been co-produced. As well as the clear benefits the DHA scheme delivers to the defence community, it also supports the operational, recruitment and retention goals of the Department of Defence, which are ascertained through a lower staff turnover and optimised workforce performance.Themes;Supporting the defence community with an accommodating housing model'The current management of the defence property portfolioAustralian housing economicsEffective procurement modellingCommunity and family engagement with defenceEfficient logistics co-ordinationThe future of defence housing in Australia.

Speakers: Steve Grzeskowiak, Darren Naumann, Mark Jenkin, Peter Kershaw, Ian Maxted, Michael Rinaudo, Mark Lynch, Thiess Chris Woodward, Peter Howman, Harley Dale, Brett Jorgensen, Robyn Ritchie, Simon Wild, Mary Haw

Price: Both Days (10-11 Sep 2014): $2304.50

From: September 10, 2014 09:00
To: September 11, 2014 16:00

Hotel Realm, 18 National Circuit, 2600, Barton, Australia


Defense, Government

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