3rd Biomarkers in Diagnostics & Therapeutics 2014 (BDT2014)

Catalysing the Paradigm Shift in Healthcare

Pharmaceuticals/Drug Discovery, Medical & Health Care

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The burgeoning field of biomarkers has garnered a great deal of attention for its potential applications in molecular diagnostics as well as drug discovery and development (DDD). Over the last decade, much progress has been made in identifying and validating new biomarkers which enables the intimate monitoring of chronic human diseases from onset to progression, as well as providing a beacon to reveal high risk subpopulation for which the implementation of preventive and personalized healthcare is brought closer to reality. With the advent of research platforms that provide infrastructure, expertise, and technological innovations to condense the gap between scientific discovery and clinical application, there is hope of maximising the clinical potential of biomarkers in reality. Biomarker discovery and development are prominent in major therapeutic market areas (namely Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases and CNS diseases) and their applications to disease screening, diagnosis and monitoring of treatment efficacy
demonstrates a changing therapeutic paradigm and healthcare landscape.

ASTRIK’s BDT conference series started by exploring the application potential of biomarkers research in molecular diagnostics and drug development, and goes on to examining new research targets and discovery strategies driving the translation of biomarker towards clinical applications. The 3rd edition will continue to lead a stellar panel of speakers to inspect the market outlooks and industry trends for biomarker diagnostics, technologies and services. The theme for BDT2014 - Catalysing the Paradigm Shift in Healthcare - locks the conference focus on the diagnostic and therapeutic potentials of novel disease biomarkers and how innovations in technology platform capability enables applications that go towards fuelling transformations of the healthcare sector.

The global biomarkers market displays high growth potential in the near future with a projected value of 40.8 billion by 2018. Biomarker applications are wide and serve to drive changes in the healthcare landscape and reshape approaches to disease management. Do you have the latest map in hand to strategise developmental plans in tandem with the future paradigm?

Key Conference Topics

Chronic biomarkers in disease screening and monitoring

Functional biomarkers in major therapeutic areas: Oncology, Cardiology and Neurology

Imaging biomarkers for non-invasive diagnostic

Exosomes as a biomarker treasure chest

Epigenomics, metabolomics and microRNA as new sources of disease biomarkers

Innovations in technology platform capability enabling biomarker applications

Regulatory guidance for biomarker validation and qualification

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss This Conference
Interact with our international panel of speakers for their insights on emerging and future industry trends.

Network with decision-makers from leading and innovative companies for collaborations and business opportunities.

Connect with solution providers for innovative technology platforms, discovery instruments and tools to accelerate biomarker development.

Explore with academia and researchers on new research findings that could lead to discovery of novel biomarker candidate.

Invest your time with ASTRIK to understand the Now, know the Next and be empowered to take your business forward in the right direction.

Who Should Attend

Decision-makers from the Diagnostics, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Academic sectors who are specialized in:

Biomarker discovery and development

Biomarker validation and qualification

Biomarker imaging




Drug discovery and development





Molecular diagnostics

Diagnostic platforms & systems

Translational medicine

Predictive, preventive and personalized medicine

Clinical pharmacology

Clinical research and development

Oncology biomarker

Cardiovascular diseases biomarker

CNS diseases biomarker

From: September 24, 2014 08:15
To: September 25, 2014 17:00

M Hotel Singapore, 81 Anson Rd, 079908, Singapore, Singapore


Pharmaceuticals/Drug Discovery, Medical & Health Care


CNS diseases biomarker

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