4th International Conference E/E Systems for Wind Turbines

4th International Conference E/E Systems for Wind Turbines on 19– 22 May 2014 | Germany

19-22 May 2014 at Iqpc GmbH, Berlin, DE

Energy and Power

4th International Conference E/E Systems for Wind Turbines 19-22 May 2014 Iqpc GmbH, Berlin, DE
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E/E Systems for Wind Turbines
Improving efficiency & enhancing reliability of E/E systems to reduce costs and minimise error in wind turbines
Technological advances in the E/E systems are inevitable to increase wind turbine performance, reliability, efficiency and lifetime. Cost pressure remains a powerful driver for innovations in E/E systems. Furthermore, higher error rates in the electronic systems of a wind turbine can cause significant economic loss and trigger unplanned maintenance action.

In order to grow market share and lower the cost of energy , wind turbine manufacturers and the supplier industry need to develop next generation E/E systems in wind turbines that comply with future requirements for on- and offshore applications.

This year`s focus will be on:
-Discover new pitch systems to reduce
loads and optimise the energy yield in high
or low winds
-Review requirements from international grid
codes to ensure compliance of the power
generation system
-Explore efficient ways for cost reduction
and error minimization of generator and
converter systems for greater wind turbine
efficiency and longer lifetime cycles for
E/E systems
-Get the utilities’ view on decreasing
maintenance costs with the improvement
of reliability and availability of E/E systems
-Evaluate tools and standards to manage
data and interfaces between E/E systems
to reduce the failure rates of components

At this IQPC networking event, expert presentations are followed by discussions and interactive sessions.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Bremen this year!

Price: contact for detailed conditions: from €2.549

From: May 19, 2014 09:00
To: May 22, 2014 17:00

Iqpc GmbH, 94 Friedrichstraße, 10117, Berlin, DE


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