5G Summit 2020

5G Summit 2020 is the largest unbiased mobile industry event, attracting mobile broadband professionals and the hardware and software companies that serve them. The year 2020 will be gifted with the bright opening-up of 5G Summit you will be able to attend the most valuable industry event where you will meet the entire wireless ecosystem.
5G Summit hosts a powerful 2-day conference as well as the expo pavilion with 5G executives, senior management, sales, marketing, and IT staff can visit one place to get all the information needed for value creation and strategic change while.

  • 5G Network Evolution to LTE-Advanced
  • New Age RAN
  • Small Cells
  • Wi-Fi Offload and Backhaul Solutions
  • SDN and Network Virtualization
  • Customer Experience Optimization
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Value-added VoLTE Services
  • Vertical Industry Applications
  • New communication paradigms for smart devices
  • Mobile cloud
  • Algorithms and protocols for smart devices
  • Smart Device to Smart Device Communication
  • Big data transfer using smart devices
  • Virtualization using smart devices
  • Cooperative and Cognitive communication using smart devices
  • Simulation modeling and optimization for smart devices
  • E-health for 5G
  • Security and cryptography for smart devices
  • Economic aspects
  • Software-defined networking and network function virtualization for supporting 5G wireless networks
  • Cloud computing and virtualization for networking infrastructure in 5G
  • 5G network architectures employing distributed antenna and radio-over-fiber techniques
  • Algorithms for ensuring scalability and elasticity for cloud-based 5G wireless networks
  • Online optimization for function splitting, migration of virtual resource in data centers for 5G wireless networks
  • New data center techniques for mobile operators in 5G
  • System design for supporting multi-spectrum, multi-RAT (Radio Access Technology), and multi-operator
  • Spectrum sharing between M2M (Machine to Machine) and LTE-A in 5G wireless networks
  • Effective in-network caching design of pre-, in-, and post-processing resources in 5G wireless networks
  • Content-centric networking architecture design and studies in 5G
  • Design, implementation and deployment for 5G wireless networks
  • Mobile traffic redundancy elimination and data offload in 5G wireless networks
  • Green communications, cloud and software defined radio (SDR) technologies for radio access network in 5G
  • Protocol design to enable traffic load balancing, traffic management, and management of virtualized
  • network functions in 5G wireless networks
  • QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) improvement in 5G wireless networks
  • SDN-based protocols and algorithm for cognitive, scalable and reliable cooperation and communication
  • SDN-based new evolution of 3GPP standards for 5G wireless networks
  • Spectral-efficiency and energy-efficiency in 5G wireless networks
  • Mobile social networking over 5G wireless networks
  • Design of 5G wireless networks supporting smart transportation, energy and healthcare applications
  • 5G-relevant wireless network test-beds, simulators, open-source codes, and tools
  • Security, privacy and trust for virtualization and SDN in 5G wireless networks

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