5th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit

The perception of customer experience has gained much more importance in the past months. As companies recognize that their industries are becoming over-crowded with comparable competitors, they...

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5th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit 7-9 Oct 2014 Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel, Barcelona, Spain
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The perception of customer experience has gained much more importance in the past months. As companies recognize that their industries are becoming over-crowded with comparable competitors, they are checking ways to differentiate themselves.

As the industry is changing quickly, an end-to-end customer experience—including how easy it is for customers to learn about the product and its performance and how the company responds to customers’ issues— matters more than ever across all the industries. The shift toward cloud computing, changes in the customer buying process and the maturation of the tech industry are all giving clients more control in technology purchasing decisions.

Poor service can start with the order system functions, how the sales reps treat your prospects, how you develop and then satisfy consumer expectations of your product/service, or simply the broad impression they’re left with after doing business with you. Improving the customer experience is viewed as one way to make a point of difference. Companies that can offer personalized and individualized customer experiences provide themselves with the best opportunity to create a competitive advantage.

The current situation is that there are so many technology options available that it can be difficult to choose which one fits your needs. A good strategy with which to face this challenge is to first ask yourself, what experience do you want to generate? Then, check whether technology can help you enhance that experience or make it more effective.

More and more customer experience is pushed through the employees actions. The companies see the need to create a people-focused company culture. The employees should be empowered with the knowledge and information about the customer through customer feedback and leveraging customer journeys and also be supported to think outside the box to really create a great customer experience.

A great customer experience has a number of benefits. You can find all of them discussed in our highly interactive and vibrant event! Be part of our successful series of Summits on the topic Customer Experience Management and exchange your experience with leading experts from across industry verticals.

The 5th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit will examine the effect of the market turbulences and challenges on customer experience focusing on customer centricity, on the entire customer journey, not individual experiences, and at the same time discuss how to empower sales, support, customer service, and marketing to work together to create a unified, reliable experience, real customer service “secrets” as how to outline the customer experience you want to deliver, and then find a technology that can help you enhance the experience or make it more efficient, elaborating on the methods which channel of communication to choose for the customer and therefore achievements in customer segmentation, loyalty and insight in leading companies across a variety of industries.

Why Should You attend

Even though many people believe that the times of live meetings are over, due to accessibility of all information via the internet, the truth is, these live meetings have become even more important than before. Our international conferences are doing more than simply educating participants. Professionals are more than welcome to communicate and share ideas with their peers, as our events provide them with ample time for networking through coffee breaks, bus tours, lunches, or evening receptions. No delegate should miss the opportunity to uncover ideas and spark inspiration when networking on a personal level with other professionals from the industry.

Moreover delegates can meet new vendors and suppliers offering them innovative solutions in order to learn more about the current business climate. Everyone should understand the fact that innovative products and services are necessary to stay competitive in today’s era. On top of that, these vendors as well as suppliers know exactly what is happening in the industry as well as inside your competition.

The last question might be: “Why should I specifically attend the 5th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit? „

The panel discussions bring a diversity of points of view through open, comfortable discussion led by one of the invited speakers. All attendees have an opportunity to spend considerable time discussing any topic relevant to the issues of the event. These are consistently the most enlightening sessions, and give you the largest opportunity to meet and interact with people interested in a topic that you are interested in as well.

Participants will be Vice Presidents, Directors and senior professionals involved in Customer Experience Management, B2C & B2B Integrated Marketing, 1to1 Relationship Marketing, Marketing & Customer Analytics, Segmentation Best Practices, CRM Delivery, Customer Experience Management, Social Media & more…

We welcome teams of 3–4 participants from an organization to learn how they can work as one to enhance customer experience within their company. Attendance is limited, so reserve your space early. We keep the programs small to ensure individual attention, extensive group interaction, and one-on-one instruction

This will be a great opportunity to network with the industry’s best and discover how you can turn these challenges into your advantage in retaining your client base.

Understand the challenges of customer experience in current competitive environment

Listen how Customer Service Academy can implement initiatives to ensure direct alignment between corporate strategy and daily customer interactions in the Call Centre

Understand how Learning & Quality functions can work together with Operations to deliver Customer Experience Excellence

Explore how Customer experience Management is backing company’s strategies to lead the market and optimize costs

Determine how to prove the financial impact of the customer experience efforts

Identify how turning complaints into business improvements can help an improved customer experience for all customers

Get the latest insights on the Future Phase: Contextual Awareness


22 case studies delivered by speakers from Deutsche Telekom, DHL Express, Telefonica, Nike, Raiffeisen Bank, AIB Bank, Accor

Enjoy over 10 hours of networking with industry peers

Case study on A global technology refresh across 20 contact centers - challenges & learnings delivered by David Richards, DHL Express

22 speakers from Fortune 500 companies

Who Should Attend

Are you involved in Customer Experience Management in your company? Do you feel like newest trends in CEM must be discussed? Would you like to meet your industry peers? Would you like to learn from the mistakes of others? In case the answer to any of these questions would be “yes„ you are the right person to attend the 5th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit (7 – 9 October, 2014).

Do not miss a great opportunity to learn something new, discuss innovative practices, become familiar with technological changes and last but not least share valuable information and updates with your colleagues from all industries.

Who will I meet there?

This event is designed for Members of Board, C-level, Vice Presidents, Directors, Head and Senior Managers from across industry verticals involved in:

Customer Lifecycle Strategy

Customer Experience

Customer Service

Digital/Social Media

Client Relationship Development

CRM & Loyalty

Customer Care and Service Quality

Marketing / Sales

Retention and Loyalty Programmes

Customer Insight and Satisfaction

Channel and Multichannel Management, Omni-channel

Client Relationship

Consumer Management

Contact Centre Management

Brand Management

From: October 07, 2014 00:00
To: October 09, 2014 23:59

Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel, Avinguda Diagonal, 661-671, Barcelona, Spain


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