5th Annual European Electricity Ancillary Services & Balancing Forum

Driving innovative and best practice market design to prepare for European market integration

Energy and Power, Management

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Conference Workshop

Use of PLEXOS to assess the operation cost effects of grid integration, ancillary services and balancing

Conference Workshop

Data collection and management in order to drive a real-time balancing market

Why You Should Attend

Market liberalisation combined with a rise in renewable energy generation is constantly adjusting the design of the European electricity market. As a result of such adjustments, ancillary services are becoming increasingly essential in a challenging market. TSOs and SOs are now facing a mounting pressure to develop balancing systems and review market design as the market pushes for greater levels of interconnection through cross border activity.

This exclusive 5th annual marcus evans forum will offer critical insights into how market participants are benchmarking their balancing systems and ensuring the provision of ancillary services in order to drive seamless operation of the grid. We will be discussing the importance of pioneering practices, including demand response, battery storage and interconnectors, along with the challenges surrounding market design within Europe. Focus will be on the latest developments surrounding ACER’s and ENTSO-E’s network guidelines and codes, market harmonisation and balancing systems.

Key Topics

Hear from the leading European regulators and be up to date with the
latest network codes and guidelines

Grasp the extent to which demand response looks to feature as a
prominent ancillary service in the future

Appreciate how ancillary services are being seen as a value creating tool in
a contemporary electricity market

Determine the progress that is being made in driving market
harmonisation across Europe

Understand the hurdles that are being overcome in order to successfully
integrate renewable forms of generation into the electricity grid