5th Electric Energy Storage Conference

Overcoming Financial and Technological Barriers with Energy Storage While Distinguishing What Actions Need to be Made In Order to Meet Storage Levels for 2020.

Energy and Power, Environment

5th Electric Energy Storage Conference 14-16 Jan 2015 The Westgate Hotel, San Diego, United States
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Renewable power is one topic that has significantly changed over the past year and is continuing to rapidly grow in the industry. Energy storage has flourished and more technologies have been discovered to be more useful for companies today. With the release of TESLA patents to the entire industry there is a lot more room for improvements throughout the industry.

Through case studies, the heads of energy storage, operations, and research & development from electric utilities will discuss where the market is heading due to these new advances, as well as talk about what companies are finding to be the most successful with current technology. Attending this conference will help one to gain perspective on how to best update and integrate their assets more effectively.

This premier marcus evans 5th Electric Energy Storage Conference will focus on the technology successes when implementing new changes into existing storage systems, how companies are overcoming financial barriers and what it is they need in order to succeed and advance even more with energy storage.