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Adventures in Predictive Text Analytics & Author Profiling

October 11th 2017 09:00 - 09:15

Interest for Big Data applications has never been higher. Many companies are unlocking the value of their data and gaining useful insights by analyzing large, structured databases of customer records, financial transactions and the like. Yet, most of the interesting digital content is locked in an unstructured format: language. Never before has so much content been written, more than we could ever hope to read in a lifetime. But the knowledge that is contained in this continuous stream of unstructured data seems beyond our grasp.

Unless through the use of text analytics!

In this presentation we will show how you can quantify facts and opinions on a global scale through machine reading. What's more, our technology can even "read between the lines" and reveal data about your target demographic through state-of-the-art author profiling techniques. In this talk, we will present some of our previous and on-going projects on this topic, including our highly publicized work on the detection of jihadist content on social media. We will focus on the lessons learnt from this work and hope to inspire you to integrate this technology in your organization as well.

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Guy De Pauw

CEO of Textgain:

Guy De Pauw has been working as a language engineer for almost 20 years and has presented his work at various international conferences and authored numerous scientific publications. As co-founder and CEO of the University of Antwerp spin-off Textgain...


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