Artificial Intelligence Applied to Multilingual Media Monitoring image

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Multilingual Media Monitoring

October 10th 2017 07:45 - 07:55

Huge progress recently seen with Neural Machine Translation opens new perspectives in Digital Intelligence. Until now, Machine Translation has been perceived either as a replacement for Human Translation, when volumes were too big or as a cost-killing constraint imposed on translators. Neural Technologies bring a set of high level features – generalization, understanding, global overview and data knowledge transfer – that allow new ways to augment users in need of cross-lingual capabilities and accelerate their digital business development.

Jean Senellart avatar
Jean Senellart

Global CTO at SYSTRAN:

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and holder of a Ph. D. in Computational Linguistics, Jean Senellart joined SYSTRAN in 1999 as project leader before taking the leadership of R&D teams with whom he launched 4 generations of SYSTRAN products. Jean h...


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