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Babbel’s Learning Technology & Method for Defence and Security

October 11th 2017 08:30 - 08:45

The goal of the presentation will be to explore how Babbel’s learning technology and method is used to deliver tailored language training particularly for the defense and security domain. In the showcase for civil protection we will demonstrate how the Babbel technology is used to develop an innovative and efficient learning experience through short lessons which:
a) combine relevant interactive exercise types
b) train different language skills
c) teach relevant communicative skills including specific terminologies

Co-developing customized content with a civil protection service ensures that the learners stay motivated. This can be demonstrated by tracking the user’s progression. During the presentation we will showcase typical lessons and parts of lessons in order to visualize the learning experience. This is only one example that shows how Babbel's learning technology and method can be used. Of course it could be applied to many other domains – we are currently looking into fields of interest such as the “travel and tourism” sector.

Maren Pauli avatar
Maren Pauli

Team Lead in Didactics at Babbel:  (Lesson Nine GmbH). 

With a strong background in foreign languages, Maren worked as a teacher and in journalism before joining Babbel in 2011. Holding a master's degree in Japanese Studies and English Philology, she gained work experience in Ge...


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