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October 10th 2017 10:15 - 10:30
Room C

Text Analytics Framework & Contact Center Use Cases.

We at Clementine created a flexible framework from different components to help analyze and automate text analytical activity in business enviroment. I will show how it works in different examples such as a quality measurement tool on contact center calls, or a real time content based e-mail forwarding/replying engine. Our largest Clemtext/Clemvoice implementation works at the largest Hungarian bank from 2013. I'd like to share our experiences about deployment and maintenance of a complex and automated text analytical solution.

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György Körmendi

Managing Director at Clementine Consulting:

György Körmendi graduated as a physicist at ELTE Budapest. He started his career as a data mining analyts in 1998. He managed several data mining projects at large Hungarian telcos, banks, insurances. In 2005 he established S...


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