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Enabling Data for your Connected Business Channels

October 10th 2017 08:10 - 08:25

Perfect Memory Is the Editor of the Raffiné ™ software platform dedicated to the collection, interpretation and exploitation of data. As a result of more than 50 man-years of development, we are positioned in the Semantic Digital Asset Management market, with the specificity of enriching and reconciling structured data and unstructured data (Video, Sound, Photos, PDF , ...). Perfect Memory is instrumental in the knowledge engineering principles of transforming any digital resource into knowledge.
Our main markets are historically the Entertainment for equipment in MAM, DAM, Workflow Engine, Search and Market Places. Retail for User-to-User Platform (Collection, UGC, Digital Signage Enhancement, Recommendation Enhancement, Market Places Deployment), Defense / Information to which we provide a middleware and data matching DAM Multi-source, multi-format, and insurance We work on the needs of DAM and Workflow Engine, automated claims processing (contract reconciliation, claims, reimbursement and / or replacement equipment).

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Steny Solitude

CEO of Perfect Memory: http://www.perfect-memory.com .

Serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in software development. 2nd startup, recognized expert in the semantic community, norms and standards advisor (EBU Core, FIMS). 

Entrepreneur, reconnu et expert de la communauté sémantique, co...


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