European Data Portal: Machine Translation for Metadata image

European Data Portal: Machine Translation for Metadata

October 9th 2017 14:00 - 14:20

The data economy is a fundamental component of our globalised world and a pillar of Europe’s Digital Single Market. As more and more datasets are made available, more barriers arise that may come to limit their re-use and thereby their value. Multilingualism is a key feature in enhancing the discoverability of data. The European Data Portal offers access to over 750,000 datasets spread across 30+ countries. It uses Automated Translation to translate information about each data set into 24 languages.

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Wendy Carrara

Principal Consultant at Capgemini Consulting: .

Wendy works in Business Technology & Innovation and is a core member of Capgemini’s global EU account. She equally manages the development of the European Data Portal: and asso...


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