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Applying Language Technologies in Banking and Insurance

October 10th 2017 13:55 - 14:20

Through the years, Expert System has shown how the application of Cogito’s Artificial Intelligence to process automation and intelligent information management brings greater efficiency to banking and insurance companies, simplifying operational processes and optimizing the use of resources for repetitive activities. In this talk we discuss challenges and opportunities encountered in the sector, related to aspects such as knowledge management, customer care, risk mitigation, and anti-money laundering compliance. We go through several real-life success stories where the application of Cogito in banking and insurance has proved critical to accomplish such goals, making special emphasis on key advantages derived from the application of our technology, lessons learnt, and future challenges.

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Daniele Cordioli
Head of Presales Division of Expert System: .
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After graduating from the University of Verona in 2002 with an MS in Computer Science, Daniele started working as information architect in Italy. Daniele ha...


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