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Intelligible and In-Context Translation Recommendations

October 10th 2017 14:00 - 14:15
Room C

For professional translators and companies that develop translation environments.

Traditional translation environments integrate different types of technologies (e.g. translation memory, term bases and machine translations) to support the translation process, yet the translation suggestions are typically isolated and sometimes difficult to understand. In collaboration with professional translators and translation experts, a new translation environment prototype has been designed that incorporates the same technologies in a more intelligible way. In this research spotlight, we will present a live demo of the translation editor interface that provides specific translation suggestions alongside the sentence being translated, highlighting the relevant parts of the suggestions. In addition, the translation environment affords subtle interactions techniques to clarify relations between recommendations to help the users select the best option, and to increase their productivity and the quality of the translations.

Sven Coppers avatar
Sven Coppers

Researcher at Hasselt University: (Expertise centre for Digital Media). 

Currently working on new user interfaces for translation environments.




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