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From Data to Action: Text Analytics for Government

October 9th 2017 14:40 - 15:00

Every day, government agencies internationally face tremendous challenges. They must ensure a safe, livable society, make informed spending decisions, and regulate a healthy economy. The volume of data that supports these missions is exploding, and is increasingly unstructured. Agencies that make informed decisions based on this data are more effective. While manually reading through hundreds of documents may be manageable, reviewing thousands or millions of documents is not. How can government agencies ensure that they are taking the appropriate actions based on this expansive body of data in a cost effective manner?

In this presentation, we will showcase the application of text analytics and visualizations to transform unstructured, unmanageable data into action. This involves demystifying predictive modeling and machine learning in text analytics. We will show how to apply these techniques to research analytics, government spending, situational awareness, and assessing consumer complaints to find answers in minutes versus months. Each of these cases references a more technical published paper which can be used to re-create the work presented. As part of the presentation flow, we will explore the parallels between text analytics in government and commerce, and discuss best practices in text analytics strategies.

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Tom Sabo

Principal Solutions Architect at SAS Federal LLC:

Tom Sabo is a Principal Solutions Architect with SAS who, since 2005, has been immersed in the field of text analytics as it applies to the United States Federal Government challenges. He presents work internationally on...


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