How Image and Audio Processing will  Redefine Text Analytics image

How Image and Audio Processing will Redefine Text Analytics

October 10th 2017 12:20 - 12:40

A 16 month R&D project to analyse images in an automated way to detect theme and create a caption was funded by Innovate UK. The presentation will describe the challenges to train multi layer neural networks (deep learning) to detect the occasion of a product usage in order to enhance the text analytics capability that already widely exists on the market. The main use case is for organisations to be able to analyse everything that is being posted online about them and their competitors and not just the posts that contain textual references to them. An example that makes this capability a must have for the insights industry is that 77% of all Tweets about soft drinks do not contain a textual reference to the product category or any of the brands such as Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola. They only contain references in images. An organisation that currently uses existing language technologies to analyse online chatter only considers 20-30% of the social media posts. The presentation will also showcase that speech to text technology married with image processing pave the way to solve the video analytics problem.

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