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Digital4Democracy: Speech Technologies for Smart Institutions

October 9th 2017 14:20 - 14:40

In the digital era of smart cities, public institutions need to get smart as well, in order to improve their communication to citizens, to be transparent and accessible, to provide real time information.
Digital4Democracy is an innovative solution which allows the user to be really involved in the work of the institutions. The platform provides real time audio video recordings of the meetings, subtitles, and indexed transcription. The archive can be surfed making searches by date, by name, by agenda, but also by free searches on the content of the meetings.
The multimedia nature of the platform makes the works accessible for any kind of user (old, foreign, with disabilities), who can watch, read the subtitles, hear, reed the text. An editing module and the integration with social media complete the solution, allowing the citizen to share contents with their contacts.
Digital4Democracy has been developed by Cedat 85 and has been already adopted by several institutions both in Italy and abroad.

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Enrico Giannotti


Deputy General Manager at Cedat 85:

Dr. Enrico Giannotti, has led the firm to Italian industry-wide recognition as a leader in transcription technologies and service provider. In addition to providing strategic direction, E...


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