Language Technology for Supporting Verification of  Social Media Data image

Language Technology for Supporting Verification of Social Media Data

October 10th 2017 14:45 - 15:00
Room C

We present the results of an FP7 project that just ended: "Pheme" ( The project has developed technology for finding how disputed claims made online are, and so offering to data journalists indicators on what topics should be specifically checked for veracity. The project combined novel language technologies for computing "veracity", or better said, level of controversies in social media, and in relations with Linked Open Data resources and other (internally) trusted sources is supporting ranked comparison with other statements. Two platforms resulted from the project, one dealing specifically with the needs of data journalists, and one for supporting researchers and clinical doctors in the field of mental health, interested in detecting rumorous statements about mental diseases and medication that are propagated in the social media.

Thierry Declerck avatar
Thierry Declerck

Senior Consultant at DFKI:

Thierry Declerck has been a senior researcher at the multilingual technologies group of the DFKI GmbH since June 1996 and simultaneously works for the Department of Computational Linguistics and Phonetics of Saarland University in Saarbrücken. ...


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