Linguistic Term Extraction in a Web Shop image

Linguistic Term Extraction in a Web Shop

October 11th 2017 13:50 - 14:10

The compilation of a high quality terminological resource is a must for many scenarios. It is a basis for high quality technical communication, it is a prerequisite for efficient translation in technical domains, it facilitates the use of language technology such as authoring memories or translation memories. However, the compilation of a
standardized high quality terminological resource is a time consuming and expensive process. Language technology has had this problem in its focus for a long time resulting in term extraction tools galore. We would like to present another one which claims to have a superior quality through its excellent linguistic basis. In addition, the tool is easily accessible through a web shop which makes it available for everyone that needs such a service.

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Paul Schmidt

CEO of the IAI Linguistic Content AG: . This small company is an offspring of a research institute of the University of Saarbrücken in Germany which has been developing language technology since 1985, especially language checking tools, information extraction tools and terminol...


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