Automatic Multi-lingual Ontology Creation for Multi-word in HRM image

Automatic Multi-lingual Ontology Creation for Multi-word in HRM

October 10th 2017 10:30 - 10:45
Room C

Multi-lingual ontologies covering different concept categories such as functions, skills are a key and essential component for HRM related semantic search & matching applications. The presentation will highlight the result of a research project over the last two years between Belgium based language tech companies and several universities. It will present that cover the extraction techniques used to extract multi-word expressions from unstructured text, to include these in ontologies and the methods used to do this within a multi-lingual context using parallel corpora.

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Filip De Geijter

CEO at Actonomy: .  

Filip De Geijter founded Actonomy in 2004 and was one of the pioneers in using large scale ontologies as part of semantic search & matching engine for HRM related applications. Prior to founding Actonomy, Filip De Geijter worked in several senior inte...


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