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myproof® & mycluster® - LQA Solutions for International Companies

October 11th 2017 12:45 - 13:00
Room C

myproof®, our online tool for checking and verifying the quality of translations, launched in 2014, is a world first LQA Tool with API for TMS. As the first system designed for the controlled and methodologically secure testing of translations, myproof® is able to provide significant key performance indicators on translation quality on an immediate or long-term basis. GLOSSA GROUP’s translation check system is designed for high text volumes for everyone who needs continuous verification and avoid translation risks.

The user-friendly workflow system enables check-relevant documents and text segments to be automatically selected and extracted within a systematised environment. These are then forwarded to proofreaders for checking according to a predefined methodology in which the detection, weighting, assessment and correction of errors takes place. Amendments are updated to the translation memory of the customers.

myproof® is based on a practical, flexible further development of the linguistic quality parameters of ISO 11669, the automotive standard SAE-J2450 and the assessment methodology set out in the LISA QA model.

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David Benotmane

Solutions Architect and Key Account Manager at Glossa Group: , in Hamburg, Germany, and in Zürich, Switzerland. 

David Benotmane worked as manager of the translation services at the headquarters of the Migros Group, the largest company in Switzerland. He has conceived a ...


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