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Speech + Solution for Radio & TV Transformation

October 10th 2017 08:25 - 08:40

As radio, tv and on-line media are changing faster than ever, speech technologies and other media extraction technologies are becoming key to get maximum value and impact from raw Media contents. Discover 3 new ways of using Speech technologies within practical Radio-TV Customer cases : combining Speech-To-Text with Speaker Identification from biometric database, with video Pixel-to-Text, with Automatic news learning and more.

Ariane Nabeth-Halber avatar
Ariane Nabeth-Halber

Director Speech Solutions Strategic Line at - Bertin IT: https://bertin.fr

Dr. Ariane Nabeth-Halber is a speech technology expert.  She holds an Engineering degree and a PhD in Computer Science and Signal Processing from Telecom ParisTech. She's conducted research works at labs like ATR in Japa...


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