Speech to Text, a Challenge for Radio Organization image

Speech to Text, a Challenge for Radio Organization

October 10th 2017 09:10 - 09:25

In order to provide the level of service expected from a fully global media, Radio France needs tools that make it possible to use and re-use the daily production of seven radio stations.
To achieve this goal, our organisation uses Speech-to-text for three purposes:
- indexing
- "help to re-propose"
- quick edition

Jean-Christophe Rampal avatar
Jean-Christophe Rampal

Head of Archive Department at Radio France: http://www.radiofrance.fr .

Producer for the public television in Colombia, founder and editor of the newsletter Amerique latine info, Jean-Christophe Rampal joined the French weekly magazine Courrier international - edited by the daily Le Monde - first...


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