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Speech to Text, Pixel and Image Engineering

October 10th 2017 08:40 - 08:55

In the ultra-connected world do we still have the time to wait for hours to receive information? No! In times when information only lasts a few hours, and is more and more mobile on any type of device, it has become a true necessity to be informed in real time. Voice, text and image recognition enables to respond to this challenge and to provide useful audio and video clips in real time and this on any given device. The machine constantly analyses audio and video media streams and sends alerts to people who want to make the right decisions quickly. This is no longer something ‘nice to have’, but rather a must for the management of the future. Auxipress responds to this challenge with its speech, text and image recognition solutions, and this on a 24/7 basis.

Thierry Cornez avatar
Thierry Cornez

Administrator and Board Member at Auxipress. : http://www.auxipress.be

After an education in communication and journalism, I started my work for Auxipress in 1993, first as a reader for the new born early morning and digital service. I managed different teams, each time larger, to become the COO ...
Joël Elshout avatar
Joël Elshout

Project & Business Development Manager at Auxipress: http://www.auxipress.be/fr/media-monitoring-leader .

After my studies of engineering, I began a career of consultancy in IT. During these consultancy years, I crossed the path of Auxipress and we started the adventure together. For Auxipress, m...


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