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Toward Common Specifications for Translation APIs

October 11th 2017 12:15 - 12:30
Room C

A lack of standards poses a challenge to interoperability and requires big investments in R&D and maintenance of proprietary APIs. The Translation API Cases and Classes (TAPICC) initiative aims to create an open-source, pre-standardization model to address these challenges. The initiative’s current focus is Supply Chain Automation: enabling the exchange of business metadata, localizable content, and automation-relevant functionality between content repositories and localization environments. This session will describe the first working groups and planned deliverables (business metadata, payload specification, API specification), and explain how companies can get involved. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to a community-driven initiative that has the potential to advance the industry.

Klaus Fleischmann avatar
Klaus Fleischmann

Managing Director at Kaleidoscope:

Klaus Fleischmann studied translation and IT in Vienna, holds an MA in Conference Interpreting from Monterey, California, and a MAS in Technical Communication Krems, Austria. In 1996, he founded Austria-based Kaleidoscope, a com...


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