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Machine Generated Data and Measuring Human Performance

October 11th 2017 08:45 - 09:00

Performance Data for Mission Readiness Training and Debriefing

The era of Big Data brings us closer to a personalised curriculum for learners. Machines will assist instructors by undertaking behavioural assessments using a range of sensing technologies like facial expression, speech and gesture analysis.  Vocavio is applying its knowledge of speech signal processing software to assess the quality of team communication and coordination skills. Their scientifically validated approach has the potential to accelerate learning and mission readiness for personnel operating in high workload, high stress environments.

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Jerry Bresee

Director Human Systems at Vocavio:

Jerry is a training industry professional with a 40-year career in systems design and development with a focus on aviation and similar high-risk/high-cost tasks and professions. He has supported a range of civil and military flight training ...


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