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Winning Minds: Cognitive and Emotional Behaviour Analytics in Meetings

October 10th 2017 10:45 - 11:00
Room C

The Winning Minds platform is a conversational analysis software which analyses business discussions and meetings to identify performance blind-spots. The latter is the gap between the skills obtained through training and experience versus the skills demonstrated during the interactions at work. At the core of the platform lie state of the art machine learning algorithms which have been trained on a rich corpus of conversational data annotated in terms of the cognitive and emotional states and attitudes they reveal and their valence (i.e., their positive or negative denotation). The platform is innovative in that it captures the functional interaction between cognitive and emotional processes, namely the emotional influences on cognitive processes (e.g., in decision-making), and the cognitive regulation of emotions. Holding and analyzing complex behavioral information during conversations provides with a realistic indication of business skills such as influence and impact. The platform can be used during the hiring process, during management and leadership meetings, or meetings with customers and suppliers and offers visibility on what’s happening in every single meeting as well as ways to achieve more.

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Katerina Pastra

Founder and Director of CSRI:   (Cognitive Systems Research Institute) & & Chief Scientific Officer of .

Katerina holds a BA in Linguistics (University of Athens, Greece), an MSc in Machine Translation (UMIST, UK) and a PhD in Artificial In...


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