6th International Conference on Mobile Networks and Management - MONAMI 2014

Aim and Scope

MONAMI 2014 aims at bringing together top researchers, academics and practitioners specializing in the area of Mobile Network Management, Service Management,...

Mobile, Management

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Aim and Scope

MONAMI 2014 aims at bringing together top researchers, academics and practitioners specializing in the area of Mobile Network Management, Service Management, Virtualization and Object Management.

Multiaccess and resource management, mobility management, and network management have emerged as core topics in the design, deployment and operation of current and future networks. Yet, they are treated as separate, isolated domains with very little interaction between the experts in these fields and lack cross-pollination. Recently, new avant-garde techniques and solutions have emerged; Network Functions Virtualization, Software-Defined Networking, Network Virtualization and the Cloud Paradigm have taken roots. All in all, these techniques bring about new requirements and scientific challenges, and migration ways are required to provide a safe transition from today’s legacy systems to future systems. At the same time new wireless broadband access technologies like 5G are are posing new challenges and requirements that need to be taken.

MONAMI 2014 offers the opportunity to leading researchers, industry professionals and academics around the world to meet and discuss the latest advances in these areas and present results related to technologies for true plug-and-play networking, efficient use of all infrastructure investments, and access competition. The aim of the forum is to disseminate the latest innovative mobile network solutions for increased competition and cooperation in an environment with a multitude of access technologies, network operators and business actors.

MONAMI 2014 invites researchers to submit papers within the scope of the conference that follow either evolutionary approaches based on current IP-centered architectures or introduce revolutionary approaches and new paradigms. Papers reporting experimental and empirical studies as well as implementation/industry results (including testbeds and field trials) are also welcome

Topics of particular interest include:

Multiaccess networks and resource management

Mobile network management and virtualization

Future 5G network architecture

Operation and management of virtualized network functions

Mechanisms leveraging the interplay between network functions
virtualization and software defined networking

Joint management and orchestration of cloud and networking

Future Internet architectures with smart objects

Energy efficiency for multiaccess networks

Emerging multimedia services, service enablers and management

IEEE and 3GPP management standards and enabling technologies

Design, implementation, and testbed/experimental evaluations

Service and application management platforms

Autonomic network monitoring and management

Architecture and design of new services with smart objects, e.g., in smart
home and ambient assisted living environments

Energy-efficient, self-organized access and routing schemes for smart
object systems

Security solutions for managed and infrastructureless networks

Management of wireless cognitive networks

Traffic models and analysis for future networks

Papers accompanied by a live demonstration at the conference are actively solicited.

MONAMI 2014 is sponsored by ICST. The conference is technically co-sponsored by Create-Net and is organized in association with the European Alliance for Innovation.

The conference proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in the LNICST series, and will be archived online on SpringerLink. Selected papers may be invited to publish in the EAI Endorsed Transactions Mobile Communications and Applications

Special Session on Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Software Defined Networking (SDN) marks a paradigm shift in networking by the separation of the control and forwarding plane in network elements allowing programmability based on a centralized view on the network. In particular, mobile networks benefit from the new concept introduced by SDN and related concepts such as network virtualization and network function virtualization based on cloud technologies.

As part of the main conference program a Special Session grouping papers on this topic will be organized. Submissions shall target one (or more) of the following aspects of SDN:

SDN in Mobile Networks

Mobile Network Function Virtualization

Cloudification of Network Functions

SDN based network management

Orchestration of IT and telecommunication networks and resources

SDN based mobile network applications

Performance aspects and measurements

Standardization and testbed activities

From: September 22, 2014 00:00
To: September 24, 2014 23:59

Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany


Mobile, Management


Mobile Networks, Service Management

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