Accessing Online Text-based Conversation: Past, Present and Future. image

Accessing Online Text-based Conversation: Past, Present and Future.

May 28th 2018 07:30 - 08:30

An understanding of how accessing online text-based conversation has evolved over the last 20 years will be presented. It will start with a brief overview of the past, along with the triggers that led to today’s access standards, and how that might inform future trends. With the increasing maturity of the many stakeholders in data access, complexity is on the rise. We will show examples of how to best prepare for that from a licensing and technical perspective in order to maximize opportunity for successful analytics.

Jay Krall avatar
Jay Krall

Jay Krall is VP of Product at Socialgist. He has managed social data products since 2008, using a variety of text analytics techniques to glean consumer insights for global brands.

Mike Madarasz avatar
Mike Madarasz

Mike is an analytic solutions expert with deep knowledge in unstructured data analysis. He has spent 10 years advancing unstructured social text using emerging technologies, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.


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