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Believable Facial Animation in Real Time

May 28th 2018 15:50 - 16:10

As the service industry comes to rely on dialogue agents for more client interactions, the avatars' behavior must become more realistic and convincing. Speech Graphics provides software that generates real-time facial
animation for dialogue agents and other applications. Our full-face animation, including accurate lip-sync and a full range of facial expression, is produced from audio only. We will showcase examples of our animation across a variety of languages, dialects, and speech modes.
Our award-winning technology is based on decades of research and development in muscle dynamics, facial modeling, speech technology, and computer graphics. The real-time animation is driven by machine learning on a growing set of multilingual and mixed-mode speech data. Aside from dialogue agents, other applications include virtual reality, video games, and translation

Rebecca Mead avatar
Rebecca Mead

As Speech Graphics’ Senior Linguist, Rebecca oversees language data collection and quality. She aims to maximize the company’s capacity for research and experimentation by building systems that allow for dynamic use of their growing multilingual data set, and developing tools to systematically eval...


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