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Centralize and Streamline Secure MT

May 29th 2018 07:20 - 07:40

Managing multilingual communication, businesses need to understand content in foreign languages for a rapid response. First, not always there is a budget for full human translation. Second, one might initially need only a gist. Third, the content cannot be pasted into public MTs for apparent reasons. Fourth, automating linguistic requests through regular platforms such as MS Word and Outlook simplifies many processes for managers. This presentation shows how MS Word and Outlook add-ins can bring to you a secure MT with previous human translation matches and offer subsequent human translation request options.

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Çağdaş Acar

Having received translation (BA) and literature degrees (MA) in Istanbul and Leuven, I have been training CAT and TMS users and integrating tools into their existing workflows since 2010. As a published translator, I am also doing freelance literary translation and simultaneously working as an adju...


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