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Design System & Globalization

May 29th 2018 08:00 - 08:20

Over the past years, Pitney Bowes have developed a very elaborate Design System that the Globalization team is using to convey localization best practices, as well as other ready-to-consume localized assets. It contains a large amount of information, ready to use modals, forms, tables, graphic design, authoring guidelines and so much more, either for SaaS Products, or Mobile (iOS and Android).

Our Design System is 100% internationalization friendly, making it the perfect platform to develop front-end with international markets in mind: whether it is Cyrillic, right to left languages, or double-byte, we support mostly everything. Leveraging the Design System assets allows developers flush out most of common localization pitfalls to enable fast time to market and better quality and consistency.

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Jerome Selinger

Experienced Globalization Program Manager with 20 years of experience in software translation, project management and localization engineering, I now work at Pitney Bowes in the Globalization group where I bring my expertise to product managers to expand their products to new markets, as well as de...


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