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ELEXIS – a European Infrastructure for Lexicography

May 29th 2018 12:40 - 13:00

Reliable and accurate information on word meaning and usage is of crucial importance in today’s information society. The most consolidated and refined knowledge on word meanings can traditionally be found in dictionaries – monolingual, bilingual or multilingual.
However, lexicographic resources are currently often encoded in incompatible data formats and as such they are not equally suitable for application in other fields, e.g. Natural Language Processing (NLP). Within ELEXIS,strategies, tools and standards will be developed for extracting, structuring and linking lexicographic resources to unlock their full
potential for Linked Open Data, NLP and the Semantic Web, as well as in the context of digital humanities. In a virtuous cycle of cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge and data, a higher level of language description and text processing will be achieved. By harmonising and integrating lexicographic data into the Linked Open Data cloud, ELEXIS will make this data available to AI and NLP for semantic
processing of unstructured data, considerably enhancing applications such as machine translation, machine reading and intelligent digital assistance thanks to the ability to scale to wide coverage in multiple languages. This,in turn, will enable the development of improved tools for the production of structured proto-lexicographic data in an automated process, using machine learning, data mining and information extraction techniques, where the extracted data can be used as a starting point for further processing either in the traditional lexicographic process or through crowdsourcing platforms.
ELEXIS will work in close cooperation with the CLARIN and DARIAH

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Carole Tiberius

Computational Linguist at the Dutch Language Institute (INT): https://www.ehumanities.nl/int-dutch-language-institute
After degrees in translation (Antwerp) and computational linguistics (Nijmegen), Carole obtained a PhD on multilingual lexical knowledge representation from the University of Bri...


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