Harnessing AI for Radical Automation of Subtitling Processes image

Harnessing AI for Radical Automation of Subtitling Processes

May 28th 2018 15:10 - 15:30

In this presentation, you will learn how producers and broadcasters of audiovisual material benefit from language technology to radically automate the subtitling processes. Limecraft will share first hand information how they optimised speech-to-text technologies to increase their accuracy and operational usability in general. Also, we will discuss what it takes for a machine to cut such transcript into well-formed subtitles.
Eventually we will illustrate how machine translation technology extends the pipeline to enable language-to-language subtitling. The latter is based on research and development funded by the Creative Media programme of the EU Commission and conducted in collaboration with VRT and BTI Studios.

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Maarten Verwaest

Founder and CEO of Limecraft: http://limecraft.com .

Limecraft strives to deliver media professionals the best possible solution to manage their digital production workflows. Prior to incorporating Limecraft, in his capacity as a programme manager for the R&D department of VRT (VRT-medialab), he ...


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