How AI Enables Paradigm Shift in MT Technology and Application image

How AI Enables Paradigm Shift in MT Technology and Application

May 29th 2018 13:50 - 14:10

We will discuss the transformative power of AI using a sample of machine translation. In just a couple of years machine translation field has almost completely switched from statistical methods to deep learning based on neural networks. This has opened a window of opportunity and launched a race to be the first to reap the benefits of such transformative technology. We will detail how Tilde embraced custom deep learning techniques to create the world’s first neural MT for smaller languages that achieved the best results at the global MT competition WMT 2017. We will show how quality improvements enable MT application in the work of the Presidency of the EU Council in Estonia, Bulgaria and Austria. We will discuss how LT community can use AI advances in order to help the European Commission to break the language barriers that hamper the Digital Single Market.

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Andrejs Vasiljevs

Andrejs Vasiļjevs is the co-founder and CEO of a leading European language technology company Tilde specializing in machine translation and other technologies for smaller languages.
He has initiated and coordinated several large scale industry and academia cooperation projects with leading European...


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