Human-Parity NMT – Hype or at the Doorstep? image

Human-Parity NMT – Hype or at the Doorstep?

May 29th 2018 09:20 - 10:30

Presentation by John Tinsley followed by panel discussion.

With Microsoft’s recent bold claim about machines matching humans in translation quality the second IT giant suggests that translators are soon obsolete. Paradoxically, at the same time Language Service Providers and their investors continue to enjoy a long boom driven by globalization. Can LSPs calmly point to tech footnotes indicating lab conditions and shameless overselling? Or are LSPs close to a disruption cliff which would completely change their workflows, tools, skills, and business model? Or is the future simply unevenly distributed and there’s enough business for everybody?

Britta Aagaard avatar
Britta Aagaard

Britta Aagaard – Head of Translation at Semantix
The enthusiastic leader of a passionate team of language professionals, technology experts and innovative minds. Britta has been the CEO of TextMinded® until the company became part of Semantix in 2017, the largest language company in the Nordics. T...
John Tinsley avatar
John Tinsley

John Tinsley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Iconic Translation Machines. He is an expert in machine translation (MT) technology, a field in which he holds a PhD from Dublin City University. The foundations of Iconic are built on methods that John pioneered over almost a decade of research and develop...
Arthur Wetzel avatar
Arthur Wetzel

Arthur Wetzel has been an executive director of 24translate Holding since 2017. He holds responsibility for the areas of marketing, sales and strategic product development. Arthur is a known digital expert - in the past he has worked as an executive director and advisor for some of the big names in...
David Canek avatar
David Canek

David Canek is the founder and CEO of Memsource, a software company providing cloud translation technology based in Prague, Czech Republic. David, a graduate in Translation and Comparative Studies, received his education at Charles University, Prague, Humboldt University in Berlin, and the Universi...


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