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Public Multilingual Knowledge Management Infrastructure for the DSM

May 29th 2018 14:30 - 14:50

Public Multilingual Knowledge Infrastructure (PMKI) is launched as ISA2 action to answer claims from the European Language Technology Community such as the multilingual extension of the Digital Single Market, the increase of the EU cross-border online service. It aims to provide support for the EU economy in particular to SMEs to overcome language barriers and to help to unlock the e-Commerce potential within the EU implementing the necessary multilingual tools and features and helping to build the Connecting Europe Facility Automated Translation (CEF.AT) Platform - a common building block implemented through the CEF programme. The project aims to create a set of tools and facilities, based on semantic Web technologies, aimed to support enterprises, in particular the language technology industry, as well as public administrations with multilingual tools in order to improve cross border accessibility of public administration services and e-commerce solutions. In practical terms, overcoming language barriers on the Web means creating multilingual vocabularies and language resources, establishing links between them, as well as using them to support the accessibility of services and goods offered through the Internet.
The objective of PMKI is to implement a proof-of-concept infrastructure to expose and to harmonise internal (European Union institutional) and external multilingual resources aligning them in order to facilitate interoperability.
It could support the knowledge layer of the multilingual infrastructure for Europe. Additionally the project aims to create a governance structure to extend systematically the infrastructure by the integration of supplementary public multilingual taxonomies/ terminologies.
PMKI is a pilot project to check the feasibility and to prepare the road map to convert such proof of concept into a public service.

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Najeh Hajlaoui

Dr. Najeh Hajlaoui received his PhD in computer science from Joseph Fourier
University (Grenoble, France) in 2008. He received in 2002 his MS in information systems at Joseph Fourier University, and his Joint European Diploma MATIS (Management and Technology of Information Systems).
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