Riesling, Bordeaux, Cash! – The Interoperability of the IoT image

Riesling, Bordeaux, Cash! – The Interoperability of the IoT

May 28th 2018 12:20 - 12:40

Presentation Description: How do manufacturers make sure that devices in the Internet of Things understand each other? IoT leaders do deploy an Industry 4.0 knowledge system. It enables humans to model, manage, and visualize knowledge in data streams and objects for IoT communication platforms. Such system is indispensable for working cross-organization, cross-domain, and cross-border. WineTreasurer is a delightful example of a globally  interoperable IoT application.

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Jochen Hummel

Jochen Hummel is CEO/co-Founder of Coreon, the leader in Multilingual Knowledge Systems. He serves as CEO of ESTeam AB, a provider of advanced language technology and semantic solutions to EU organizations and corporations. He serves as chairman of LT-Innovate.
He has a software development backgro...


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