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Seamless Translation Workflows and Lean Translation Integration

May 29th 2018 08:40 - 09:20

This shared session with Swisscom, our client and partner, will demonstrate how technology helps to seamlessly connect corporates and suppliers in one end-to-end workflow. Starting with various elaborate connectivity add-ins for CMS, DAM, PIM systems, through sophisticated language technology with integrated machine translation options to human translation services and post editing, the 24|contenthub provides a preview of how the LSP business will change in the coming years and how digital change and smart systems will become drivers of our industry.

Catrin Urbig avatar
Catrin Urbig

Catrin Urbig is Project Manager at Swisscom. Catrin has more than 20 years project management experience on both business and IT side. She successfully led projects in the whole value chain of telecommunication and consumer electronics, in billing and collection management, finance and risk. She st...
Arthur Wetzel avatar
Arthur Wetzel

Arthur Wetzel has been an executive director of 24translate Holding since 2017. He holds responsibility for the areas of marketing, sales and strategic product development. Arthur is a known digital expert - in the past he has worked as an executive director and advisor for some of the big names in...


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