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Video Remote Interpreting Platform Highlights

May 28th 2018 15:30 - 15:50

Our presentation is dedicated to a new rapidly growing market: VRI platforms.
The launch of Interpretation Technologies Alliance at GALA 2018 is a pure evidence of the fact that VRI technologies are changing traditional simultaneous interpretation market landscape. According to a recent Slator polling more than a half of interviewed market professionals believe that VRI technologies will almost completely replace traditional simultaneous interpretation equipment in the next 5 years. Notably even main market players (such as Sennheiser) are trying to adopt to the changing landsape and come with BYOD solutions.
The fact is that spread of globalization and growth of international business communication demand contemporary solutions. When we just started developing our own platform several years ago we identified just a couple of teams looking the same way. According to our recent research now there are about 30 companies worldwide offering services that somehow are related to VRI technologies.
Another finding of that research was that all VRI platforms are offering pretty much the same range of services: P2P consecutive interpretation, simultaneous conference interpretation, BYOD options etc. What differs them is an approach to internal business proccesses and scaling models.
Returning to an impact of VRI technologies on translation market - VRI it's not only about getting rid off the equipment. What's even more spectacular - is that VRI technologies bring value in situations where getting it in a traditional way was not possible. We have a number of use cases that indicate the fact that VRI is actually creating a new huge market of simultaneous interpretation.
In addition to this VRI may be helpful in terms of improving business processes, such as:
- creating unified simultaneous interpreters' databases which improves the events' coverage in any city
- creating global simultaneous interpretation ecosystem

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