Deploying ASR for Vocal Order Validation - A Real Case image

Deploying ASR for Vocal Order Validation - A Real Case

May 28th 2018 14:30 - 14:50

In the last years, with Artificial Intelligence improvements, “Voice Interactions” and consequently Speech-to-Text, became even more important to be integrated with Analytics, Big Data, Knowledge-based systems and modern Customer Relationships Applications.
In this ever-changing environment, Automatic Speech Recognition has been transformed from an innovative and emerging technology to an ever-improving commodity.
In this session, we will explore the major changes in these areas, illustrating a real case with Vocal Order Validation and how this new approach has helped companies to increase effectiveness and productivity while reducing costs. Cedat85, operating in voice-based Speech-to-Text solutions for the last 33 years and a recognized top 10 world-wide player by Gartner’s Group, presents its view of current and future trends for transforming voice into a Digital Asset.

Stefano Aldrovandi avatar
Stefano Aldrovandi

At Cedat85 ( Stefano is Head of International Business and also member of the Board of Directors of Speech-I ( the international company/brand for Cedat85 solutions on International markets.
Cedat85 is considered in the top 11 world-wide players for Speech-to-Text ...


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