Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development 2020 Conference

Conference Theme
Marketing, Managing and Financing Organisations for Successful Growth and Development

Join us at the 2020 Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development Conference in the beautiful Niagara region of Canada.
Conference Date: 23-26 June 2020
Venue: Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Paper Submission Deadline: 10th February 2020.

Early Registration: 2nd March 2020; Full Registration: 6th April 2020


PRESENTERS: People can attend the Conference if they have submitted a paper which has been double-blind, peer-reviewed and accepted and if they have paid the registration fee.
NON-PRESENTERS: People can also attend the Conference as an observer to listen to the presentations of papers without presenting a paper of their own, if they have paid the registration fee.

- Publication in Internationally Recognized Refereed Journals: Outstanding competitive papers will be selected to be considered to be double-blind, peer-reviewed for publication in the following internationally recognized double-blind, peer-reviewed journals that are indexed in Cabell’s, Ulrich’s and EBSCO’s research database of academic journals: Journal of International Marketing and Exporting (JIME) ISSN 1324-5864; and Journal of Management and World Business Research (JOMAWBR) ISSN 1449-3179.
- Award for Best Doctoral Research Paper: A Certificate and AUD250 will be awarded for Best Doctoral Research Paper.
- Award for Best Competitive Paper: A Certificate will be awarded for Best Competitive Paper. Commendation Certificates will also be awarded to a number of very good papers.
- Publication in Refereed Conference Proceedings: If your paper is accepted through the double-blind, peer-review process and presented at the conference it will be published in the Conference Proceedings that has an ISBN. Participants will also receive a printed “Book of Abstracts.”
- Certificate of Membership and Participation: You will receive a signed and sealed Certificate of Membership and Participation for presenting a paper(s) at the Conference. If coming as a non-presenter you will receive a Certificate of Membership from the Academy.
- Chance of Winning a free iPad or tablet: All delegates (presenters and non-presenters) who have paid their registration fee and who attend the Conference Dinner have a chance to win a free iPad or tablet through a random drawing of tickets. (The person whose number is drawn must be present at the Conference Dinner to win the prize). AWBMAMD organizers including the Program Chair, the Associate Program Chair and the administrative staff of the institution hosting the conference cannot win this prize.
- Networking Opportunity: You will have opportunities to network with participants from many countries around the world.
- Book Publication Opportunity: Papers presented at the conference can also be recommended to be double-blind, peer-reviewed for possible publication as book chapters in a refereed research book.

Track 1. Agribusiness Marketing and Management
Track 2. Business, Marketing and Management in Transitional Economies
Track 3. Consumer Behaviour and Psychology
Track 4. Current Issues in Business, Marketing and Management in Africa
Track 5. Current Issues in Business, Marketing and Management in Asia
Track 6. Current Issues in Business, Marketing and Management in America
Track 7. Current Issues in Business, Marketing and Management in Australia and New Zealand
Track 8. Current Issues in Business, Marketing and Management in Europe
Track 9. Economics, International Trade and Banking
Track 10. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
Track 11. Environmental Marketing and Management Issues
Track 12. Business Ethics, Social Responsibility and Legal Issues
Track 13. Finance, Foreign Direct Investments, Accounting and Taxation
Track 14. Globalization and International Management
Track 15. Health Care Marketing and Management
Track 16. Human Resource Management and Occupational Health and Safety
Track 17. Information Systems, E-Commerce, E-Marketing
Track 18. International Business and International Marketing
Track 19. Management, Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
Track 20. Strategic Marketing and Management
Track 21. Marketing and Management of Education
Track 22. Marketing and Management of Non Profit Organizations
Track 23. Public Administration and Social Policy
Track 24. Social Media, Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing
Track 25. Services Marketing and Relationship Marketing
Track 26. Technology/Research and Development and Innovation
Track 27. Tourism and Hospitality Marketing and Management
Track 28. Operations Management, Transportation, and Aviation Management
Track 29. Women in Leadership and Management
Track 30. Workshops and Special Sessions or Symposium (You can suggest any other areas you are interested in if not listed in the above areas)
Track 31. Doctoral Research/Master degree Research Papers
Track 32. Sports Marketing/Sports Management in Local or Global Environment

Your submission can be in any of the following four categories:
1. An abstract only paper, no longer than 200 words; or
2. A proposal/work in progress paper, no longer than 5 pages; or
3. A competitive full paper, no longer than 15 pages (charge for additional pages); or
4. A literature review paper, no longer than 15 pages, that must provide theoretical insights based on reviews of relevant literature.

Email all manuscripts to:
(i) Professor Gabriel Ogunmokun – and
(ii) Copy the email containing your paper to the Track Chair(s) of your paper. The email addresses of Track Chairs may be found on the website.
If necessary authors can contact the Executive Conference Director/ Program chair - to seek guidance on matching their papers to track area(s). When manuscripts are received they are sent out to be double-blind, peer reviewed.
More information about guidelines to follow in submitting your papers can be found on:

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