Alteryx Advanced

April 14th 2020 09:00 - 16:00
6BS002 (in 6B)
Come one, come all to the Advanced Alteryx course brought to you by Christoffer (Inviso) and Carlene (Novo) with the help of some others! This is a custom built course for Novo Nordisk advanced Alteryx users.

This day will cover:
- Introduction and uses for the Python and R tools
- Best practices for flow productionization (data validation, unit testing, error handling)
- Small team challenges
- Using the In-db tools and SQL Database best practices (indexing, temp tables, updating)
- Uses for the download tool
- Uses for the command tool
- Using Tableau’s API within Alteryx
- Introduction to the SAP BW tool
- Managing Alteryx workflows with the Novo list runner

Please don't be alarmed by the topics, if there are topics that seems too advanced you can always listen and be inspired.

Carlene Jones avatar
Carlene Jones
Advanced Analytics Solution Partner @Novo Nordisk
Christoffer avatar
Inviso Consultant
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