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Alteryx Beginner

June 12th 2020 12:45 - 15:45
In this course you will learn the basics on how to easily process, clean and blend data in Alteryx without having to program a single line. You will work with importing data, filtering, selecting, grouping and joining data. The training will include hands-on exercises.

Suits for you who are new to Alteryx, and want a quick introduction to the tool. This is an excellent opportunity to get a quick introduction to see if Alteryx would be something for your department.

This is a standard full-day Inviso course that is compressed into a half day course, so the pace will be a little bit faster than the regular full day course.
Remember to bring your computer, have Alteryx installed and make sure you have a valid license to Alteryx

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Amalie K.
Inviso Consultant
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